Most frequent questions and answers

Each type of plastic bag has a different manufacturing process. Pure resin (Plastic pellets) through blow molding into rolls of plastic film and cut into bags according to the required size.

Transparent hot bags or PP bags have a clear bag texture. It can endure high temperatures up to 100 ° c or higher and has excellent stretchability. When exposed to heat Therefore it is suitable for packing hot food well

Turbid / evening bags or HD bags have a cloudy white texture. The bag has high strength. But can stretch a little Suitable to use for packing cold food. High temperature resistance up to 60 ° c.

There are 2 types of handle bags, thin and thick.

1. Thin handle bags: suitable for small items. There is little strength and elongation. To be convenient to carry the product Which can bear the weight not more than 5 kg, depending on the size of the bag and the size of the product packed.

2. Thick handle bags: The bag’s texture is stronger than the thin ones. Therefore suitable for carrying heavy things Such as soy sauce bottles, fish sauce bottles, etc. will support weight better than thin bags.

Wrap The film is clear, suitable for food wrapping. To extend the shelf life of food to keep the original condition And prevent contamination of stored food Low condensation Film texture can be slightly flexible and can adhere to each other.